Dave Kohl

Real estate marketing and advertising specialist.

Real Estate Marketing Masters Mix Podcast

#17 – Strategies For Inquiries

Dave and Scott provide a path for how to respond to your inquiries about your properties and/or your brand which more effectively engage your potential client. You can zoom in on their most important concern, which helps you to follow...

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#16 – How to grow visibility for your business

In order to gain traction, you must work towards building top of funnel strategies for acquiring visibility for your real estate business.  In this episode, digital strategist Scott Winterroth explains tactics for growing visibility for your real estate business with examples...

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#15 – Becoming the Number One Agent

Chances are you are ‘number one’ in something that you do. If you don’t know it, neither do your potential clients. Dave and Scott provide strategies and examples of how you can position yourself as a leader in one or...

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#14 – How Mobile First Indexing can affect your strategy

Dave shares how to spin a down market report into a positive and Scott shares a follow up to Episode 12 regarding a new Google rank factor called Mobile-First Indexing. Google: Mobile-Friendly Test The article of the week: Peoria ranked...

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#13 – How to take advantage of other agents

Dave and Scott offer strategies from their workshops about methods of finding and tracking specific agents that can most efficiently lead to buyers and sellers within your areas of expertise. These methods include being able to track competitor’s social media...

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#12 – How recent changes to Google’s Ads will affect your real estate marketing

This episode, we discuss how recent changes to Google’s Advertising products can and will change how you a market yourself online.  The Real Estate Marketing Master Mix Podcast co-host Scott Winterroth share information on the recent rebranding on Google Adwords into Google...

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