Our followers tell us that Time Management for real estate professionals is still very much of a juggling act. Although agents, brokers, developers, investors, lenders, and contractors all need to serve clients, they also need to maintain their marketing, social media, and communications. This episode features Chris Michel, a Business Coach and author of The Red Chair Experience. Chris shares strategies we can all use based on his personal experience in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing and how he has worked with agents and brokers.

Among the strategies he reveals are ways to become a go-to source for others in the industry. For example, a plumber or contractor can help an agent or broker to best determine the condition (or the potential) of a property. This form of expert information could make the difference of thousands of dollars when it comes to negotiations and/or correctly pricing a property to sell or submitting a solid offer. Taking the time to speak with others and show your expertise is a part of Time Management!

In addition, Chris provides us with strategies such as coordinating your social media and other marketing campaigns. Having a consistent and informative presentation to showcase your expertise is important. This is the case whether communicating with a potential buyer or seller or with someone working along with you in the same industry.

For example, if you are a contractor, plumber, HVAC service person, designer/decorator, or electrician, you want to be the one that a top producing agent calls for advice and opinions. Chances are they will return the favor by referring a client your way! If you are an agent or broker, you want to be a reliable – and available – resource for service people. If a plumber or contractor keeps getting called to fix the same property, the owner may want to sell or get rid of it, and need an agent.

Listen and learn as Dave gets important information from Chris Michel.