In this fascinating episode, Dave chats with Randall Craig, a “serial entrepreneur” who had served as an advisor for financial institutions, professional service firms, and associations around the country. An author of eight books (as of press time), Randall understands how real estate professionals can and should distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

This episode addresses several of the challenges faced when working toward a big ticket transaction, such as the purchase and/or sale of a property. Randall and Dave discuss how to carefully explain important concerns which may be necessary to “save” a transaction or to be able to move along to the next phase. Turning a “no” in to a “yes” is not easy, but understanding which strategies are the best ones is a great start.

One important phase of working with a buyer, seller, or client in a high ticket situation is maintaining and growing your trust once you have started to earn it. This is why understanding the most important considerations of your client (or potential client) become extremely important. Randall explains how getting a “NO” doesn’t have to mean that you take the person off of your contact list and give up.

Hear his thoughts and strategies about ways to follow up which are designed to gradually gain your trust, even if not your business. Having people in your marketing database that you have met with and will read or listen to what you have to say is often a stronger future possibility for you than “cold” approaches or when starting fresh.

You will also understand why Randall is called upon as a Business Coach and as a Keynote Speaker on a regular basis. To that point, you can book an introductory virtual meeting with Randall, at no obligation (for our Podcast audience!) at:

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