No matter how much or little you are involved in a residential or commercial construction (or major renovation), you can make it a part of your marketing approach. Helping to make sure the project is completed when scheduled and without theft or damage can be a reflection on everyone involved. For example, if you can show that you, as an agent or broker, always meet project deadlines (while your competitors either don’t or can’t), you give potential clients another reason to consider your services. In this brief episode, Dave explains some of the latest methods of tracking the progress of a project, as well as reasons to pick up on them. You will also learn about some of the best techniques for monitoring, including complete video surveillance. Use of multiple cameras including “secret” locations is more likely to capture employee theft or a planned break-in when thousands of dollars in high tech equipment and costly tools are involved. Those involved in the transaction as a broker or lender stand to gain from each successfully completed project. By comparison, projects with delays, especially when caused by theft or other problems with contractors, often leave a bad taste when it comes to considering who to include in future projects. Even when your part of the project is complete (such as being the loan officer that provided the funding), the idea is to continue to show involvement. Keeping a client up to date even after your part is done helps to make you the “go to” person that can be counted on. Making sure that steps are in place to prevent delays or costly theft takes a small portion of your time. However, it gives you more reasons to keep yourself in front of your client and in a positive light as often as possible!