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Dave receives Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce "Business Person of the Year" Award
"Relentless Against Rejection"
Let Dave’s story entertain and inspire your members, employees, organization, or association on how to respond when others don’t think “you” can do it!
Real Estate Marketing – From being told by a prominent realty agent his first idea "won’t work".....to averaging more than $1,000,000 per year in advertising sales!

Broadcasting – From being fired from the last place station....to increasing ratings for the top rated station in the market in less than six months!
“Dave is an amazing speaker! He didn’t go more than 10 minutes without taking questions and comments from the crowd. He was talking TO us, not at us. Definitely not a canned presentation.”
Business – From moving 2,000 miles for a position where the boss refused to pay....to running his own business for nearly double the income within the first year!

Research - How and why to monitor the direct and indirect competition, and "keep track of everything" helped him grow his sales and the companies he represented!
“I used one of his examples the very next morning and got a sale I would not have made a week earlier.”
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Dave is an expert when it comes to real estate and mortgage related advertising and marketing. His 25 years of experience include personally creating more than 12,000 ads for properties which have sold from coast to coast.

As Marketing Director at First In Promotions, he works directly with realty agents to create, review, and monitor advertising and promotion of new listings, while providing as much “Media Coaching” and public speaking training for realty agents as his schedule allows.

He shares his most effective tips on market research techniques geared toward executives, managers, and entrepreneurs with his "MARKET RESEARCH: A Key Competitive Advantage" book. Released in late 2015, it is available via Amazon Kindle.

These techniques work for all businesses (not just real estate agents) as well as toward personal success.

Kohl’s previous book, “8 Hours To Sell Your Home”, is geared toward consumers looking to analyze the local market while preparing to sell their home while providing numerous tips on hiring the best agent.

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From his niche audio books, such as “How To Review Movies & Plays Professionally” to the consumer oriented “8 Hours To Sell Your Home” Real Estate book, Dave tells it like it is – and how it should be – on a variety of topics, just as he has for more than 40 years.

His “8 Hours To Sell Your Home” audio book takes literally eight hours to listen to as Dave delivers all 60 Chapters packed with helpful information.

Dave also constantly writes for his two specialty blogs. These include “The Broadcast Booth”, a weekly sports media news and commentary, and “Dave Kohl Real Estate Marketing” where he explains the complex current real estate market. In addition, he is a frequent contributor to “The Frustrated Consumer”.

This is also in addition to the literally hundreds of sales manuals, proposals, brochures, and instructional videos Kohl has created and produced.
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"The Broadcast Booth"
Sports Media Blog
"Real Estate Marketing"
Consumer Blog
"How To Review Movies & Plays Professionally"
Audio Book
Dave’s on-air broadcast experience includes more than 12 years at stations including WCYC, WDHF, and WXFM Chicago; and WBLG, WKQQ, and WVLK AM-FM Lexington KY. He also covered sports and news for ABC Information Radio, Associated Press Radio, and UPI Radio Network.

In more recent years, Kohl taught broadcasting courses at Columbia College Chicago, and has trained broadcast students of all ages one-on-one as often as his schedule allows.
Kohl has personally averaged more than $1,000,000 in advertising sales over the past 10 years. In addition, he offers years of experience in producing entire sales manuals, operations manuals, instructional videos, and staff training.

Although Real Estate related business is a specialty, many of this techniques apply to a variety of small and medium sized businesses.

c/o First In Promotions
6321 W. Dempster #2600
Morton Grove IL 60053
(847) 510-0613
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Dave Kohl has no connection whatsoever to the Dave Kohl character in the 2014 movie "Begin Again".
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