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#008 – Tips for strategic home showings

In this episode, Real Estate Marketing Masters Mix podcast host Dave Kohl walks us through some great tips for more strategic home showings. Including creative ways to spin the undesirable and profit from a few easy real estate marketing tips...

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#007 – Timing your real estate marketing promotions

Dave Kohl and Scott Winterroth talk about timing your real estate marketing promotions to create context with what is on your real estate prospects mind.  A few puns but there are some great tips on why you should think more about...

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#006 – Networking for more Business

Dave Kohl and Scott Winterroth review proven methods of choosing which business networking events and venues will be most productive. Discover techniques for finding the people you most need to meet to grow your real estate business and discover some of...

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#005 – The Three “S” of Social Media Content for Real Estate

Dave and Scott talk about what we call the Three “S” of social media content for real estate professionals with great examples of how each “S” can help you leverage social media to grow your visibility online.   We talk about...

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#004 – Positioning Yourself for More Clients

Dave and Scott provide examples of ways that power agents position themselves to be the “go to” contact for their specialty. Even if you sell more than “north side condos” or “medical professionals”, having that one element to what you...

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#003 – How to talk up transportation into your selling

Episode Number 3: Talking up transportation and parking

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